My Danes are raised in my home with lots of love. They are loved as if they are my own children. They are treated as members of my family. They like to go for rides, in "their" van when I take road trips. Mariah & Stella who are Mother and Daughter, Mariah is retired for breeding purposes and both are big love bugs. Fiona & Minion which are imports from Hungary. Fiona is all about the attention, she thinks she should have it all. Minion is my kind loving young man with an old mans soul. My Danes pedigrees are available to view upon request. 
9/28/15 ~ Please consider this a Cease & Desist letter, It has come to my attention that there are two "breeders" one in Texas Clarissa Toba and one in New Mexico Annie Rosenberg that have used my Studs name and picture(s) as their stud for their litter(s). I am here to let you know and to make it public that my Stud Minion has not been used in any breeding(s) in any way outside of my own two girls. Please do not associate my stud as being used for any of their breedings. Please stop using any of my pictures or dogs names, do not use them for anything. Thank you Johnna Hutchins, Northeast Great Danes
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Danes are like potato just can't have one......