From  Peter & Laura September 10 ~ Rigby is 4 months old this week and he's 60 lbs. At least 3 times now, I've caught him climbing up onto the picnic table when I let him out after he eats.  He's a nut - he obviously fits in well here.
From Christina August 27~ My husband was thrilled. Cooper and Scooby are getting along great. Here is a pic we just took of them, they're both pooped from running around outside.
From Bobbi Jo & Ben July 14 ~ What an awesome 36 hours it has been! Here are some of the many photos we've already taken of our latest and greatest addition... Olive (Olli for short). We figure the name suites her :) Made it through the night in the crate last night, full 7 hours of sleep. She pretty much already a couch potato though... lol.
From Jen & Ian July 28 ~ We took Addy last weekend to the lake just up the street I think she might be a water baby... if I would go in... she would bound in the water up to her belly and then race back out.
Today we took Addy on her first boat ride....again she did wonderful, she just sat by Ian or I in the boat,  then loved the island beach, running up and down, she actually fell asleep in the boat.Thursday evening was her vet appt a little over 2 hours later Ian made it home I had to ask if the dog was alright or if he got nothing like that, just everyone at Vet had to meet and pet her some of them twice. Thank you again for such a well tempered puppy!
From Lisa August 4 ~ Milo has fun playing with toys but chases leaves just as much! Lots of intellignce too - he really interacts well. As you can see he liked Paul's bed better than his own. He's doing well and is a good boy! We love him much.
From Phil  August ~ Smallz is one of the best dogs we have ever had. He is very caring of not just our 3 year old Dane but everyone who walks through the door. He loves everyone and needs to get touched by anyone he walks by. If you ( which I am sure you don't) ever need a reference, I would give you one in a minute.
From Kate July ~ Blueberry has her own memory foam dog bed so her joints are cushioned, and she “fluffs” her bed and moves it about the room to different locations if she is too hot or too cold.  She is so funny. This picture is from her first birthday.
From Paige July ~ Indica is doing amazing! She is big and beautiful. Thanks for checking on us! She really is the love of my life and is such a wonderful companion.

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From Laurie & Art July 11 ~ Just an up date on Jonah,Aka also Jo. He is funny. Temperment is wonderful.  I don't think he is ever going to grow out of being silly. He is our clown when friends & family visit. Loves to sit on anyones lap!! He weighs between 138-140 lbs. Loves his food, does not miss a meal. Jonah has added alot of fun and excitment to our home.
What owners are saying about their new Babies.....
Update from Bobbi Jo & Ben October 17 ~ We love her!! She is super well behaved, such a good temperament. We get comments all the time about how well mannered she is. I keep spreading the word about where to get good Danes :) We're having a blast with her