RIP my handsome loyal are my love, my best friend, you are who made me fall in love with Great Danes... I will miss your leg hugs, your head buts to my thighs for those cheek scratching you always loved and will miss your howling when the phones ring and thank you for always greeting me at the door, laying on my lap all 190 pounds of you. Find Mea at the bridge play until your hearts content and I will see you again one day.. Thank you for loving me unconditionally.... you are truly the best... love you Murpha.
Mea ~ you were a love and Daivd's baby girl, you and your little bunny hops you did on your front feet were precious, you ran like the wind, you were an fantastic Mom an awesome Dane and we were lucky to have you in our lives..I Hope Murph found you at the bridge and you two are playing until your hearts are content.. love you Mea...
June 2006 ~ June 2013
      November 2006 ~ October 2011
March 2001 ~ July 2011
Noah might not be a dane but sure was a member of our family. He was a typical golden retriever, loving everyone, everything and anything...He lived a long life and was Davids little man.. Love you Noah..